More Excerpts from Dissecting American Health Care

• “Screening people at one-day themed events, let alone on the web, strikes me as both a waste of
everyone‘s time and a misleading promise of diagnosis and treatment that probably won‘t be

• “A lot of the quality improvement work that has gone on so far in the US has been…what might be
called the “quality nugget” approach—find one isolated thing that has been shown to make a
difference, figure out some way to do it or not do it, measure the results, and declare victory.”

• “We are fat, and we‘re getting fatter. Nearly a third of American children are overweight or obese. In
our inner cities a prevalence of obesity of more than 50 percent among both children and adults is
not uncommon. Too many calories in, too little energy out.”

• [The furor about new mammography guidelines is] “…a stinging lesson about the surprising
importance and potentially devastating consequences of changing an arcane definition of an
obscure rating system used by a prominent scientific advisory panel.”

• “I’m very wary of committing a generation of obese children to a lifetime of drug treatment on the
basis of pathological markers for possible future disease.”

• “States have had to cut their budgets and have decreased spending on tobacco cessation in favor
of obesity control. This has preventionistas like me worried. How do we decide whether to fund anti-
tobacco or anti-obesity campaigns?”

• “Some people do not consider gun control to be a public health issue. I think that when
demonstrably mentally ill persons have ready access to semi-automatic weapons with high-capacity
bullet clips, something needs to be done.”
Dissecting American Health Care
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