Early Rave Reviews!                                                                                   
“Doug Kamerow is one of the giants of medicine and public health...In this book, he takes on the most critical issues with which we deal, and he does it with clarity,
brevity and yet depth. I enjoyed reading this book and so will you.”
David Satcher, MD, former US Surgeon General

“Doug Kamerow is one of my three favorite essayists—the other two being Atul Gawande and Malcolm Gladwell.  He shares with them keen insight, lucid writing, and
accessible brilliance.  And here are some things for which he has them beat: wit, breadth of experience, and a knack for highlighting important trends in health care.  
Dr. Kamerow does more than simply point out vexing problems in our health care system—he recommends commonsense solutions.  His roles as a clinician,
researcher, preventive medicine specialist, and health policy analyst combine to make for very credible, informed, and informative reading.  You don’t need to be an
insider to clearly understand what he’s talking about. These are the kind of parables that make for both good dinner party conversation, as well as inspiration for doing
things better.”
Jay Siwek, MD, editor, American Family Physician

“Family doctor Doug Kamerow provides us with sharp, witty and personal observations about preventive medicine and public health in the U.S. His commentaries on
how current events, trends and politics are intertwined with both offers us – the public – a rare glimpse of the complexity of implementing the popular notion that we can
easily fix health care by preventing disease in the first place.”  
Jessie Gruman, PhD, President, Center for Advancing Health, and Author, AfterShock: What to Do When the Doctor Gives You a Devastating Diagnosis

“Kamerow strikes so many perfect notes at once. His take on the healthcare system – laid out in an insightful series of essays -- is witty, informed, curious,
exasperated, provocative, constructive and just plain human. You can tell he's worked in the system, that he knows whereof he speaks, and yet he never for a moment
sounds jaded or even close to surrender. These intelligent essays will inspire many – and not just those who are also 'in the system.' Kamerow writes in a way that
invites general readers to realize that they have a stake here too – that these are their stories as well.”
Ranit Mishori, MD, former Health Editor, Parade Magazine

“Doug Kamerow’s exceptional experience and wisdom in primary care, public health, and health policy are collected in a highly engaging series of brief, thoughtful, and
informative essays on the major health issues that confront us—as individual and as a nation—every day. He writes with insight, wit, and clarity, not only to describe the
thorny problems but also to suggest practical solutions for problems that often seem far too elusive.”
J. Michael McGinnis, MD, Senior Scholar, Institute of Medicine

"I did not find a single essay that was not both pithy and entertaining. Dr. Kamerow is a terrific columnist, whose youthful idealistic values, tempered by maturity and
humor, shine through all the way. I definitely recommend this book to others."
Penny Hollander Feldman, PhD, Director, Center for Home Care Policy and Research
Dissecting American Health Care